Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our Little Scholar

Well, it's that time of year again already.  Even little 2 year old Drew is going back to school.  This past week he learned about the letter A, the color Red, the number 1, and Circles.
I looked forward to picking him up from Mrs. Tonia's everyday because he would run and greet me at the door so excited to show me what he did for the day.  It was one of the cutest things ever (and will continue to be so).  He would run to me from the play room, grab his work from the table, and say, "look mama, look!  I drew red."
Then he would take me through piece by piece of what each one was.  "This is a buga" (he over-pronounces his g's at the end of words).  Then Mrs. Tonia would say, "It's an ant for A Drew" and then he would say, "A. ah ah ah"  it was soooo cute.  I could totally tell what they worked on that day.
And that was just the first day.  It went on all week.
This week was red week, so everyday we tried to find something red to wear (we succeeded everyday but Wednesday)  Before this week, everything was blue at first glance, then he would try to figure out the color if you asked him again.  Now, he really is thinking about colors and what color different things are.
Friday was red show-and-tell day.  Drew brought, of course, Mac and Lightning McQueen.  He was mighty happy about that.
It was a great week and we are all looking forward B for Blue week next week!
Mrs. Tonia gave all the moms a calendar of lessons for the week. 
Drew was so proud of his chalk drawing.  Mrs. Tonia even laminated them for us.

A sample of some of the things Drew worked on during the week.
We were so impressed when Drew was able to tell his Daddy what he did that day and Daddy understood what he was saying without me translating anything.  He told his Daddy that they made apple pictures with the color red.  He was talking about these stamps.  He also told Daddy about how they went to sleep, woke up, and ate snack.


Eclipsed said...

So exciting. Isn't it amazing to watch them grow.

Anonymous said...

What an amzing babysitter that teaches and does just are so blessed!

Kim said...

That is great! It is so amzing to see what they absorb at this age!

Have a great Labor Day!