Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alphabet Soup

The other night we went out to dinner and Drew had a picture of alphabet soup on his Kids Menu. The object of the activity was to find the missing letters and unscramble them to make a word.
I was working with Drew to figure out the missing letters.
So I started with "A" and asked him, "Drew, what is the first letter when you sing the alphabet?" He said, "A!"
I said, "Do you see the 'A' in this picture?"
He pointed to the "A." We proceeded to do the same with "B" and then I asked about "C." He said, "It's not there, Mommy!" I looked and sure enough, it wasn't there! Then he proceeded to do the same thing by himself for the letters D through H. He didn't need my help at all!!! I couldn't believe it!
Colin and I looked at each other in shock. Drew has never shown much of an interest for letters. He LOVES numbers, but never was very interested in letters. But obviously, just because that's what we think we see, that doesn't mean he hasn't been paying attention.
The next day, I told Mrs. Tonia that whatever she has been doing with him, it was definitely working! She said that he had all of the sudden started showing an interest in their keyboard activities and letter studies that she has been doing with the kids this year. It's amazing!
It just makes me realize that I should always keep working with him, even if I think he's not getting it. He obviously is, he just won't let it out until he's ready, but he stores up for when he is.

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