Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Little Sprouts

Our seeds are beginning to grow and Drew is so excited about it. He's just watching his thumb grow greener and greener.
His favorite plants are the sunflowers because the seeds have not fallen off of the plant where they have sprouted. He thinks that is the most hilarious thing too. He laughs and laughs as he points at the seed on top of that sprout. He says it's the plant's hat. It's pretty cute.
We have a good amount of sprouts (especially considering how much they are being watered.... Drew wants to constantly be "growing" his plants). The ones that were drown away and didn't make it have been replace with new seeds.
Drew did pretty well with that too. When we replanted, I had him count out seeds in groups of threes so that he could plant them that way. He did just as he was told and we've got our fingers crossed that we'll have a few more "crops" from that batch. We'll see.
I just can't wait to reap the benefits from our work and make some fresh salads and pasta dishes this summer from all of our vegetables and have pretty center pieces from our flowers.
I'll keep you posted with how all that goes.
I combined a few sprouts into this pot
Looking healthy so far
Here is the sprout with the "hat"
Drew wouldn't let me take the plant's "hat" off.

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Anneke said...

I am so happy you are posting again. I love you little stories. Makes me feel closer to you guys. Sometimes I really miss my old friends. xoxoxoxo