Friday, April 9, 2010

The Taming of the Chop Sticks

We went to PF Chang's the other night for dinner. We picked PF Chang's 1) because we love it 2) the PF Chang's in New Orleans was where we had our first date, so we were reminiscing, and 3) it is close to Daddy's office. So the kids and I went down to meet him for dinner.
I was a little reluctant at first because PF Chang's never had a kids menu before and it just didn't seem that "kid friendly." But our experience was absolutely wonderful!!!
First of all, we walked straight in and got a table right away. That's always a plus when you have the kids with you!
Then we had the nicest waiter. He was so patient with us and SO aware of the children... in a good way. He called us "Mom" and "Dad" as to not confuse the kids and he asked lots of questions about what the kids may want and how to best serve them. I was so impressed!
Then, a manager came over shortly after we ordered our dinner with a plate of cut fruit for the kids. He said that he saw me walk in with Emma on my hip with one bare foot and one baby girl shoe in my hand. He said he totally related because he had a two year old little girl and so he wanted to bring a little something to the kids. It was very sweet.
Colin and I talked about how different this scene was from our first date. Of course, I knew from that moment years ago, that this scene, I even hoped for this very one.... "my million dollar family" as I call them... would eventually be ours.
Then, the icing on the cake.....
chopsticks for the kids!!!!
These were the bees knees as far a Drew was concerned!

He was actually very good at using them. Drew ate more than I've ever been able to get him to eat for dinner that night (he's a morning eater).
Please excuse the pictures, they were taken with my phone.

The kids were very well behaved for this outing. We got lots of complements and the kids got lots of attention from everyone around us (not that that is anything new). Emma was particularly flirty with the table behind Daddy.
She was so cute playing shy with them and them trying to get their attention when they would turn away.
It was all around a great experience. So for those of you out there who have it in your mind that PF Chang's is not a family friendly restaurant, they have changed their ways.
Give it whirl... you'll see.

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