Monday, April 19, 2010

Emma Starts A Tickle War

Imagine little arms and legs squirming out of a ball of Taylors. Flashes of smiles when faces emerge and bodies flopping around like fresh catch in the cooler. Giggles, squeals, and belly laughs flavor the air of our house.
I am cradling Drew like a baby and Emma is trying to get in. Her strategy is a "tickle out" She very clearly says, "tickle tickle tickle" as she scrunches down on Drew's belly. She laughs harder than any of us. Drew begins to laugh even harder too.
So then we all get into the "tickle war" and everyone is tickling every one else.
It was a moment that will be ingrained in my memory forever, or at least I hope it will.
This is the stuff life is made of.

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