Thursday, April 8, 2010

"No Mama, Now We Have To Grow Them!"

Drew, Emma, and I planted some seeds the other day. Drew is very happy as long as he has a job that he's in charge of (I know that's grammatically incorrect, but you get the drift). He was happiest watering the soil pellets and the seeds after we planted them. So much so that I worry that he may have "drown them out." But as long as he had fun and learned something new, I'm ok with that.
We planted tomatoes, basil, sunflowers, bachelor buttons, and cucumbers. We'll see how they all turn out.
Drew wants to constantly water his plants, and when I tell him that it's time to go in and leave them in the sun, he says, "No Mama! Now we have to grow them!" He did not understand at all that we have to wait for them.
I guess that would be hard for a two year old though.
I can't wait to see what happens! I'll keep y'all posted!
Here are some pictures of our little boy and his green thumb.
We set up camp out on a blanket with all of our gear and toys. Even Lily joined us in the yard.
Drew is preparing the pots by putting the soil pellets into them.
Both of the kids got dirty planting their seeds in their pots
Drew labeled his pots with his tomato stickers.

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