Saturday, August 21, 2010

Abra Cadabra!!!!!

Tonight we went to "Stories Under The Stars" at our local library.  I was really looking forward to taking the kids.  Daddy was going to a Panthers game so it was the perfect activity to take our minds off of him being away for the night.
The "Story" ended up being a magic show.  I was pleasantly surprised when we got there.  I was really looking forward to some good story telling, but I knew the kids would love a magic show.... and truth be told, the kid in me was really excited too.
So we grabbed our popcorn and sat down "under the stars" to enjoy the show!

The show was cute and Drew's favorite part was the "wiffle dust" that came from the wiffle's tail.  You see, a "wiffle" is a magical creature with a fox's face, a weasel's body, and the tail of a raccoon.
The wiffle that he pulled out of his hat was far better than any rabbit I've ever seen (as cute as they are).
I didn't get a picture of when Drew got to pet the wiffle because I was too busy enjoying watching to get a picture.

But I did get a picture of when the magician was showing Drew that the wiffle's body had disappeared.

So Drew really enjoyed the show and the whole way home he kept saying "hocus pocus" and "abra cadabra"  It really made me chuckle.
Even after we got home, when he fed Lily he said "abra cadabra!!!!!" and made the food "appear" in Lily's bowl.  Lily was quite impressed.

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