Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shopping Spree!!!!

Today Drew and I played "Shopping Spree" while Emma was napping.
First off, I think it's so funny how technology has changed what our kids see and experience so much from when we were little.  When Drew sees a credit card, he calls it money.  I rarely use cash so this makes sense.
I had a used a gift card online yesterday and I know how much Drew loves to play pretend, so I told him that we could play Shopping Spree.  I gave him the card and his shopping cart and told him to pick out what he wanted from the store.  He went around the house collecting things that he wanted to buy in his shopping cart.  Then he would bring them to me to "check out" at the cash register.
I would scan them across my mouse pad (which kind of looks like the scanner at the grocery) and then tell him the total.

He would hand me his card and I would ask him to scan it (through the pages of a board book, but it worked for him).

I was amazed at how observant he is.  He really had this whole process down pat.  He told me he'd like to use his card as "debit please" without me prompting him...hahaha!  I was so tickled by that.
Then I handed him an old phone that is now a play toy for the kids and told him to "enter his PIN number."  He pushed a few keys and handed me the phone.

I waited a second and told him he was "approved."  (Melinda, you know I did this like the "Terrrget" lady on SNL).  Then I bagged his goodies up and gave him his bag.

He was quite pleased with himself and then went for another round of shopping.
Maybe he has a bit of retail therapy going on.  He has been doing a lot of shopping now that he's learned how.

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Andrea said...

What a marvelous idea! Lucky kid!