Thursday, July 23, 2009

Double Doctor's Appointments

Because of the way that Drew and Emma's birthdays fall, I was able to schedule their check-ups together. Emma had her 6 month visit and Drew had his 2 tear visit. I had to strip both of them down to their diapers to go be weighed... so there we were walking down the hallway to the scales, a mama and her two "nakie" babies. Emma weighed in at 14 lbs and 1oz and Drew weighed in at a whopping 30 lbs 2 oz!!!! Emma is "petite" as the doctor said, but she wasn't worried because she's quite long (26.5 inches) so she's just growing long not plump. Both Drew and Emma got a clean bill of health and the doctor was very happy with what she saw.
She was great with the kids (as usual) and let Drew check her ears and mouth with the "flashlight" before she checked his. They both had to get shots today though. I have been dreading this for weeks! But it actually did not go that badly. Emma was up first. She got stuck twice, poor baby. She cried a good bit, but she was ok. She got two Circus band aids to make her feel better. Drew got a finger prick and one shot. He was a trooper through the finger prick. He just quietly watched what was going on and didn't make a peep. Just flinched a little when it happened. And by the time he realized he was getting a shot, it was all over (we did a great job distracting him apparently). He was more interested in his Bugs Bunny band aids than the procedure.
I am happy to report that we have two happy, healthy children. Now, if we can just stay healthy this upcoming fall when Mama goes back to work we'll be sittin' pretty!

These pictures were taken today (I know it's hard to believe that they would be smiling after shots)


Anonymous said...

Your dd is adorable!

adiaha said...

Gorgeous kids, really they are!

Mary Beth said...

Thanks for the sweet comments. We think so, but we're just a weee bit biased! =]