Thursday, July 2, 2009

Playing Around In The Surf

Drew's new phrase is now "Cowabunga Dude!" Playing at the water's edge was his favorite thing in the world to do.... almost too much. We learned really quickly that he didn't have much fear at all, which of course heightened my fear. But, overall he was a good boy and listened to his mama and daddy and so we could all relax and play in the surf.

Drew loved digging around in the sand.  He also loved making all of the "sand characters" with his moulds.  And unfortunately for Daddy, he also loves to knock down sand castles...haha
My guys enjoyed hanging out by the water together
Drew loves a job.  He loved taking buckets of water up to his wagon.  Then he would dump it all out like a dump truck to start over again.  He is ALL boy! (please excuse my whiteness, I'm trying to preserve my youth...haha... yeah right!)
Nana enjoyed building sand castles with her grandson.

There was some great surf while we were there, but all the more reason to keep Drew within arm's reach.

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