Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So Much More Than I Expected!

I was so excited when Karen (my sister) called me and told me about what she was doing with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and when she asked me to join her. I had heard, and knew, that it would be a life changing experience, but I thought that it wouldn't be until the day of the marathon that I would experience "the big life changing experience."
That's not true at all! I already feel it. The training is good for my soul and I enjoy it so much. I've never run without music before, but I have only had music twice during all of my training. I find that I want to think during that time. I plan my fundraising, I think about my mom and how strong she was... that motivates me tremendously to become stronger. I think about all of the people out there that I want to help, and I think about all of the people that are supporting me.... not only financially, but with their kind words.
That brings me to the next life-changing part of this.... the big part! I know I have great people in my life. I've got some of the best people in this world as my friends and I will NEVER take that for granted. Colin and I comment all of the time to each other that we have some stellar people in our lives.
This experience has only strengthened my belief in that. And it has shown me that not only my close friends, but tons of people that I grew up around and have known in my past are great. Facebook has been it's own blessing in all of this. The people that have left me supportive comments and have donated have overwhelmed me. It's always amazing when you feel that the people in this world are so good, down to their very core. Thank you to everyone for reminding me of that.
When my best friend told me that my cause was picked as her family's focus for the year, well, it just brought tears to my eyes! I know she wouldn't have it any other way, but that doesn't make it mean any less to me.
And when people contribute to show support and thank me for what I am doing.... I am humbled.
When people contibute a large amount of money just to help others, it means so much. Especially when they are teachers.... in the summer (money is not exactly flowing at this time of the year for teachers and in this economic climate).
I have had some VERY large donations and I am thankful for those and humbled by them..... all of them, whether I know who you are or not. Thank you.
And lastly, this experience makes me want to continue to dedicate my time to helping others. I want to finish this fundraising strongly, and then continue helping others after that. I want to teach my children this feeling. This experience will change my family. I want to teach my children from a very young age how to help others, what it feels like to dedicate their time and energy into making other lives better. It's also going to change my teaching. I have already planned a unit for the beginning of the year about heroes. Part of the unit includes planning a philanthropic effort. I am so excited. I want to make a difference.
Thank you to all of you that have inspired me to do so much more than I had ever expected to get out of this experience.


Sarah said...

You are just awesome! I mean that!
Love ya!

Deb said...

Thank you and congratulations for all of the great work you're doing to promote awareness and help in the fight against leukemia!