Saturday, July 11, 2009

Goodbye One

Well my precious baby boy (by the way, you will be "my precious baby boy" long after you qualify for Social Security), this is the last day of being one. It was a great year.
Some of the things you did were:
Partied with the best of 'em at Aunt Mary's wedding
Lived without a kitchen for a couple of weeks.... you ate in your highchair in the living room (I think you secretly loved it)
Learned to express yourself through language
Spent lots of time with family
Finally outgrew Lily and turned the tables with her
Enjoyed your second Christmas
Baked more seasonal cookies than we could even eat
Got your first haircut (and three more since then)
Moved into a new bedroom
The stork brought you a new little sister
Fell in love with Emma with the rest of us
Already became very protective of Emma (by the way, I hope this one stays around)
Played in the snow and sledded down the street
Watched the first black president be elected
Got your first Hot Wheels set
Spent lots of time at he park sliding down slides and swinging
Danced in the rain for the first time ever (but I hope not the last)
Fell in love with Lightening McQueen in Cars
Spent lots of time with your buddies, Zander and Tanner at Mrs. Tonia's
Visited the beach for the second time
Was loved more than you'll ever know by all that know you (this will last forever)

I hope you have enjoyed as much as Daddy and me have.
We love you!

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