Saturday, June 5, 2010

The 3rd Annual Siscoe Crawfish Boil

Another one of Michael Siscoe's birthdays has now come and gone, but not without quite a bang! The Siscoe's (and Horton's) put on quite a shindig for the 3rd annual crawfish boil.
It's pretty funny to have a crawfish boil way up here in North Carolina. A lot of the locals don't really know what to think of it, but they are starting to come around.
Michael had 200 lbs of live crawfish shipped in from Louisiana and after purging and boiling them we lined up with our box-tops in hand scooping potatoes, corn, mushrooms, and asparagus piping hot out of a cooler with a frying pan and layering it on top of our crawfish.
We took our seats under the tents and did some major chowing down.
I was very impressed that Drew still wanted to play with the crawfish and eat them. He did such a great job last year, but I thought as another year older, he might not want them. I thought maybe he'd be scared or grossed out by them, but he loved them. He touched the live ones, the cooked ones and any one he could get his hands on.
After I was finished eating mine, I began to peel some to save for later and he came trotting on over. He wanted to help me peel. He was actually quite helpful. He would "crack the heads off" as he called it and give me the tail to peel. It was quite funny. What a Louisiana boy.
The kids had such a good time. Between bubbles, swing sets, and tunnels, they were in kiddie-heaven.
We had so much fun, I think we're doing it again in a couple of weekends!
When we got there the party was just getting started under the tents.

Michael preparing the crawfish to boil.
Drew wanted to have a little fun with the crawfish that Dustin had before they went into the pot!
The birthday boy enjoying his crawfish.
Everyone enjoyed the crawfish boil.
Jennifer made an amazing cake. We all were so impressed with her "Eye of the Tiger"
This is a picture that I was "tagged" in on Facebook (thanks Christin!). Emma is pushing her big brother in the Cozy Coupe
Sadie and Drew playing in the tunnels
There she is!
Peek a boo! I see Drew!
Aunt C.C. blowing bubbles with the kiddos.
Sadie and Drew enjoying a little snack after playing.

Emma had a giggle in the swing.
Geaux Tigers!!!!

My sweet princess on the big-girl swing.

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