Friday, June 25, 2010

Some Of My "Go - To's" In The Blogging World

So have I told you lately how appreciative I am of all of the creative bloggers out there!?! You make my life so much more beautiful (and much tastier too!).
I spend a bit of time searching for recipes, cute decorations, sewing ideas, or just domestic "stuff" and I find all kinds of fun ideas to keep things running smoothly and organized around the house.
This week cooking has been my focus. I've tried to keep things going so that I have the fridge and freezer stocked with homemade yummies at any given time. Right now, I've got a pineapple casserole baking that I found from Melissa Lester over at A Little Loveliness. I've had it at home-cookin'-style catered lunches before, but I've never made it. Now I'll have it for the left-overs from this easy summer supper that I fixed the other night for Colin's mom and me when the boys went out to look at motorcycles. It's super easy and I think the kids will love it and I will love having it right at my fingertips when I need it.
This is a picture from A Little Loveliness. You can see that her blog is very appropriately named! Isn't it just beautiful!

Last night we had a wonderful lemon pasta with bacon, feta, and asparagus from The Entertaining Kitchen. It is one of Colin's new favorites! I used bow tie pasta in mine because that's what we had and it was great!

We've also had home baked goodies for breakfast all this week. I've been baking away when I have the chance and just putting everything in the freezer. In the morning I just pop it into a 200〫oven and presto! I get the best of both worlds: I sleep in a bit and have homemade baked goods. We've had raisin cake, strawberry citrus muffins (I used strawberries because again, that's what we had), and tomorrow morning we'll have peach blueberry bread. I love it!
Colin's mom thought I was "up on the Red Bull" the other night when I was baking after the kids went to bed, but I was just so excited! I'm not sure I would have been so inspired to do these things without reading about the creativity of the other moms.
It's addictive, so I'll warn you: if you're anything like me, once you start clicking around, you'll find that you can't stop. There's a whole world of great ideas out there.
I just bought a couple of sewing patterns from Whimsy Couture. So watch out! Since my fridge and freezer will be stocked up next week, I'll be focusing on sewing! This ought to be interesting! haha. Remember my pillow case dress? That one was another from A Little Loveliness.
Now I just need to find some favorite go-to blogs for gardening!!!! That's where I need to learn a thing or two for sure!

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Melissa Lester said...

Thanks, Mary Beth! You are too kind. I'm glad the recipes have turned out well for you. Those sweet breads you mentioned sound great, so I want to check those out too. Happy sewing!