Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day

Having two generations of fathers here makes for a very special Father's Day.
Daddies are put on a pedestal, as they should be. After all, Daddy is the ideal man to carry a baby girl up to bed, the perfect twirling partner, and the perfect shoulder to cry on. For me, it wasn't until later in life that I found out that my dad was the perfect man to talk to as well.
Emma and Drew adore their daddy, so we celebrated him in a big way this year.

He's so modest, isn't he!
Yes, he got his dream bike. It's not here yet, but it's coming and it's his. He's as happy as a lark.
This year Colin was not only spoiled with his gift, but Colin and his father were both spoiled with this year's theme: "Yummies For Their Tummies."
We started Father's Day Weekend with a ring at the doorbell. The delivery man brought Colin a dozen Shari's Berries while we were eating Colin's favorite, homemade Cream Cheese and Strawberry French Toast.
They are the size of small apples.... really!!! Take a look!
Then, more tummy spoiling went on at yet another crawfish boil. I do believe Michael, Melinda, and I are converting our friends up here to our Louisiana ways. Two crawfish boils in 4 weeks!!!!! We've found that it's quite perfect to have them shipped up here from Natchitoches, Louisiana.

This morning we woke up and had homemade Raisin Cake with our coffee and later enjoyed a family lunch spread which included homemade pimento cheese and crackers.
We've really enjoyed indulging ourselves this weekend, but after tonight's dinner I must stop or else Colin won't be very "aerodynamic" for his new Ducati!


Anneke said...

Wow, I thought that bike was a joke! I don't think you will be able to top this gift, haha. What a spoiled (but I am sure very deserving!) daddy!! And I can't believe you guys are 500 pounds. So not fair ;) Love you!

Anneke said...

I meant, I can't believe you guys are NOT 500 pounds.

Mary Beth said...

I know... hahaha. Look who's talking though. At least mine is a weekend theme. You are the mother of all homemade goodies. I LOVE your blog! I'm so amazed by you!
The bike was fun. I can't believe we got it, but you know how I love to spoil him.
"Deserving," I don't know, but I love to see him smile and get so "giddy" over things. It's quite funny.

Michelle said...

Those strawberries are insane! Yum. And please don't let my husband get wind of the fact that yours is getting a bike for Father's Day...