Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Super Why, Thank You!

Drew has really been into the the show Super Why lately. You may be seeing him as Whyatt at Halloween if this keeps up.
He calls for "all super readers! To the book club!" all of the time. You'd think that we have "super big problems" going on constantly if you asked him.
Another little "nugget" that he's picked up from Super Why is looking for Super Letters. He's always looking around for letters. I love it!
This morning for breakfast, Drew was eating his jelly toast and out of the blue he said "Mommy, it's an E!" I looked and sure enough, it was.
I love to see how he sees things. I was just so impressed because I truly did not even prompt him. He just came up with it all by himself. But I must give credit where credit is due: so to Super Why, I say thank you! You've got Drew thinking about reading and that makes for one happy mama!
Can't you just see this cutie as Whyatt? (minus the jelly all over his mouth)

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Yummy Mommy Mia said...

Great work, Drew! We're big fans over at our house too! We've even started playing Super Why games where he finds letters around the house to spell words.