Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Na Na Na Na... So You Think You Can Dance?

I foresee our children dancing in Vegas.... at least in our little town that we call "K Vegas" (our little town is pretty hoppin'. Known for it's fast paced night life. Can you hear the sarcasm in my typing?)
One of my favorite shows is "So You Think You Can Dance"

and I subject my children to it all of the time. Both love trying to imitate what's going on on the screen. It's hilarious to watch Drew spin around and in my attempt to be Adam Shankman, I yell at him (good heartedly of course, not harshly) to "point your toes, extend your arms, feel the music." We laugh and laugh until he falls down. But not before he attempts to do what I've told him.

Drew had no choice but to have a great sense of humor in order to fit into this family. Look at that form! haha (Emma is obviously not into it at the moment)
Look at those pointed toes. He's "extending his lines" ...hahaha (and Emma is still not into it in this moment either)
Then I jumped up and kiss him when he said, "Mommy, it's you!" and pointed to the tv when Cat Deeley was on.
Not a chance. Maybe I should have his eyes checked.
Anyhoo, we had a great time watching. Can't wait to tune in again and watch my little stars shine. If I get pictures of Emma dancing along (the co- sweetest sight in the world) I'll post them.

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