Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Sunday was our trip to Tweetsie Railroad to see Thomas the Train. Drew was so excited! We had been counting down from about "5 sleeps" (he doesn't quite get the days of the week yet)
We hopped in the car to get started on our drive.
I was taking pictures of Colin in front of the car at the gas station getting ready for the drive. Here, he's showing us, in the car, what the engineer is going to do.
He's just hamming it up.
As soon as we parked the car, the Siscoe's (whom we were meeting there) pulled in diagonally from our car. I had literally just picked up my phone to call them, and there they were. It was perfect.
So we gooped on the sunscreen and headed into the park. Our ride on Thomas wasn't scheduled to happen for a couple of hours, so we just lolligagged around for a bit.
Giddy up! Sadie and Drew have the reins.
This saloon girl couldn't pass up a boy as cute as mine!

Then we took a ride on the chair lift up the mountain to see the view (I've never held Emma so tight in my life... poor girl was probably soar after that)
After going up the mountain, the kids stopped to mine for gold. The parents didn't protest since it was in the shade.

Then it was off to Deer Park, the petting zoo.

This little guy would just let himself out of the fenced area to help himself. He had it all figured out. He wasn't even all that hungry because so many people were feeding him.
Then there was one more little ride before......
heading back down the mountain on the chair lift. This is a picture of Colin and Drew on the chair in front of Emma and me. But notice how nonchalant the other parents were with their little ones on the chair. Yeah, that wasn't me AT ALL! Of course, Emma is a lot younger and more wiggly than those kids.
Then it was on to driving. Sadie and Drew (actually I think it was more like Michael and Colin) really wanted to drive the little Tweetsie Cars.
There go Colin and Drew.
Michael was foot loose and fancy free and Sadie was in control of the wheel.....
.... until Sadie ran into the side and almost gave Michael whiplash. But she had a great time!!!
Here come my boys!
And Michael and Sadie. Sadie is all smiles as usual!

Now it's time to see the main event: Thomas!!!!!!!!
We waited in line for the first car. It's what Drew asked for... so it's what we did.

Here he comes!!!!!
It's Thomas!!!!!!!!!

and the Tweetsie Train
Not particularly a good picture of us, but it's the only of the whole family.

The kids take a moment to pose for a picture with Thomas.

Then my guys went to take a ride on the ferris wheel while Sadie and the Siscoe's rode on the classic carousel (one of my favorites)
While on the ferris wheel, Drew told Daddy "my stomach is hurting!" How do you describe or prepare your child for the feeling of flutters caused by 'your tummy dropping' when you come down from so high so quickly?
Then we started heading on down to the parking lot when the sky just fell out and it poured and poured. We waited it out on the front porch of the entrance area and then we packed it up and drove home.
And that was our day at Tweetsie. It was a great time and I'm sure we'll go back next year to see Thomas again.

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