Thursday, July 8, 2010

...Because He Bit Me

So Drew is on an antibiotic (read that back-story HERE).
The other night I forgot to give it to him before I put him down for bed, so Daddy volunteered to go up and give it to him.
I had the cherry flavor mixed in with it so that he would enjoy it a bit more, so Drew thinks of it as a treat.  We call it "his cherry."
I just have to say, "hey Drew, do you want your cherry?"  and he yells, "yeah!!!!"  And we go through the ceremony of shaking it and pouring the right amount and then he takes it.
Well, Daddy walked up to his room, turned on the light, and Drew knew immediately, "Daddy, you have my cherry! Mama forgot!"
Daddy starts to take the cap off and Drew says, "We have to shake it like this, Daddy!" Drew shows him the motions to shake it.
So while Daddy is shaking it, Drew gets his book and tells Daddy with a stern look on his face that he has to take his cherry because he (pointing to the mosquito on the front cover of the book) bit him!

Daddy had a pretty good laugh at that.

He took his cherry and scolded the mosquito one more time by wagging his finger at him, then off to bed he went.

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Anneke said...

Why are kids just so amazingly cute? What a blessing.