Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Game.....

What is more 4th of July than baseball and apple pie?
For our 4th, after spending a lazy day at home, we went to a baseball game. It was crowded, it was hot, and the concession-stand food was less than impressive..... and we LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!
When we arrived (after the longest line of traffic ever... it was backed up on the interstate!) the parking attendant didn't charge us a parking fee and told us we were more than welcome to look for a spot and wished us luck (in a very sarcastic tone that I didn't really appreciate). Well, lo and behold, we found one!!!! We tailgated with some new friends we made (within that 5 minutes of parking). We finally made it inside at around the 3rd inning (I know, we're horrible, but who could pass up new friends!?!).
Drew loved the game. He loved all of the chants and watching the action down on the field. He also loved watching the "ailoplanes" fly over. He thought they were solely trying to watch the game... like that's the only reason that they were in the air. It was cute.
After the game, we stuck around for the best fireworks show around. It was pretty amazing. Drew LOVED them! Little Emma didn't know what to think at first. She sat in my lap, all drawn-up holding on with her death grip as she shook at first. I had her ears covered and then started to sing to her (I figured she'd here it since her ear was pressed right up to my chest) and she settled immediately. After that she seemed to actually enjoy them.
It was a wonderful fourth of July. We never got our apple pie, but now that I know better how to plan, there's always next year.

My favorite part is the very end when you can hear (and kind of see) Drew say "I wanna do it again!"

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Sarah said...

So cute! Glad yall had a good 4th!