Friday, July 2, 2010

Making The Most Of Every Moment

Last night, when I was cooking dinner, Drew was getting a bit fussy. He was hungry and bored.... not a good mix for a two year old. So I thought I would keep him busy while I finished up our baked ziti.
I had the perfect container, the ricotta cheese container, to make into a "button game." I saw this idea once before and knew it was something that would be good for Drew to work on.
I cut a little slit in the lid and grabbed some buttons (my sewing kit was on the dinning room table because Drew and I had been working on Emma's romper earlier in the day, but that's a whole other story for later.
I created this game for Drew.... to see how many buttons he could put into the container in a minute. I was amazed to see him work at this.
He loved it! It was just the perfect level of difficulty for him. He didn't get frustrated with it, but it wasn't too easy either.
This kept him busy while I was cooking and it helped his fine motor skills at the same time. He is now so excited to wear a button down shirt and button it up all by himself.


Anonymous said...

That is such a great idea!

Anneke said...

Good idea! Nicky would love this!!!