Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Making Ourselves At Home In Sedona

It wasn't hard to cozy right up to this beautiful little town in Arizona.   This is the view when you come into Sedona from highway 17. (All of our pictures were taken from our new iPhone 4's.  We were pretty impressed by the quality they took.  Our movies were taken from them also.... in HD!!!!  Wow!)
I can't even describe the feeling that comes over you when you turn through the curve and this becomes your new view.
From the kiddie perspective, Drew thought we were in Radiator Springs from the Cars movie...haha
This is the poster that Ron and Lisa gave to Drew and it is hanging in his room, so you can see why he thought such a thing.
The next step was to get a bite to eat at Javalinas.  This is a restaurant named after these little (well, actually not-so-little) pigs that reside in this area.  This is not a picture from the restaurant, it's actually from a walk around main street later in the trip, but I thought I'd show you the size of these critters compared to Drew and Emma.
Then it was off to the resort to get moved-in.  Los Abrigados was beautiful and we had a wonderful 2 bedroom suite called The Winner's Circle II.  It was perfect for the kids (once I got past the 2 tile steps into the kitchen that Emma LOVED to play on of course).

This is the entrance to the resort

This was our room.  The little covered porch to the side with the red awning ended up being our favorite spot where we could just let the kids play and there were beautiful views of the red rock.
This was our view from that porch.
After getting settled in our room, we went to explore a little bit of the resort.  We found a great kids' play area with a playground, lots of games and mazes, and miniature golf.  

Drew walked the entire Peace Walk without crossing over the grass.

We also found a little spot by Oak Creek that was absolutely beautiful!  There were lots of artists sitting out by the creek drawing, photographing, and painting.  I can certainly see why they chose to come to this resort for inspiration.
This was a nice little spot that faced the creek

This was a spot after a bend in the creek.  I thought it was amazing that this tree was situated on rocks with it's roots intertwined like that.
Then was had a little walk-about to look at the rest of the resort.
This upstairs room was the room that Colin's parents had last time they were in Sedona.  They said it was so peaceful and they slept with the window open to listen to the fountain all night.
We were really looking forward to spending our week here.  We were falling in love already.

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