Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Drew's 3!!!!

What a great day!
We woke the birthday boy up with the Happy Birthday Song and he was so happy!  He was so excited to be 3.  We went through our morning routine and had our breakfast all while celebrating, singing, and smiling.
But then my smile disappeared, but only for a short while, when I realized that I had recorded the wrong PBS channel.  I didn't record the PBS channel that had Sprout's Sunny Side Up Show!!!!!  That means I missed Drew's birthday announcement on television!  I was devastated for about 15 minutes.  But after posting something on Facebook about it and hearing stories from other moms (wonderful ones that I admire) and how they had moments of this superficial type of heartbreak and their "oh I feel like Mother-Of-The-Year...NOT!" moments, I felt better.  We all make mistakes, and this was a little one.  We'll all live.
We played some more and celebrated by singing.
Then it was time for the birthday lunch!!!!  It was a very 3-year-old lunch.... PB&J!  With a cupcake of course.
I don't think you should have to wait until after dinner on your birthday to have everyone sing to you, so I make cupcakes for birthday lunches.  This also solves my issue of LOVING cupcakes but not being able to give up the tradition of having a birthday cake.  This works particularly well since both of my kids have birthdays that will probably never be school days.
Drew found something out about me that I think all of my family will take advantage of while having his birthday cupcakes... I am a softy for birthdays, so I will let you celebrate it as many times as you want on your special day.  By this, I mean that I will light that candle and sing to you  as many times as you want me to.
Drew kept on eating the top off of his cupcake and then asking for more "fire" and singing.  It may be that he figured out that each time he got a new candle, he got more icing too.
Candle #2

Candle #3
Candle #4!!!!
Anyways, after 4 candles and a cupcake that ended up being less than in inch tall Drew finally felt satisfied with his lunch celebrations.
Then Mama and Drew ran a few errands.  It was a horrible day as far as the weather went.  I think we even had a couple of tornado warnings, but we had to go pick up the birthday cake!!!!  What was I to do!?!  So we went.
Then it was back home and time to get ready for the party.
More details on that later!

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Anonymous said...

So sweet! I have a brand new three year old in my house too :) This is a very fun age!