Thursday, July 1, 2010

Playing With Some Dough

The other day our strategy to beat the heat was to stay in during the afternoon hours. We decided to pull out the Playdough. I love Playdough, but I had to get over my incessant need to keep the colors separated real quick. Drew was ready to combine as many colors as he could.
We were making food. Drew would ask, "So what would you order today?" (he means "what would you like to order today") and I would order my food and he would make it for me.
We used the bucket for the food kit as the oven. He would put his "food" in there, turn the switch (one of his numbers cutters) and wait a couple of seconds. After making the ding ding sound, he would remove the food and hand it to me. Then he made me "drive away." Yikes. Now I'm telling on myself. Yep, my kid knows all about the drive thru!
So to battle his fast food, I made him a Playdough salad.
Doesn't that count? Haven't I redeemed myself with that action?
I tried.

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