Monday, October 25, 2010

Bitten By The Bug

Time to get the bug spray out y'all.  We've got the stomach bug at our house.  I think this is the first time I've sat down in 2 days (nights included).
It is the most pitiful thing in the world to see your children sick.
It all began at 3:45 Sunday morning with Emma.  We heard her in her bed and I went and checked on her and didn't at all like what I saw, let's put it that way.
After a load of laundry went into the machine while Daddy rocked her, I settled into the chair letting Daddy go to bed and I rocked her, she was back sleeping and content.
Later in the morning, when everyone was waking up, we realized that it wasn't over.  Poor baby didn't keep anything down all day.
But she woke up this morning with quite the appetite.  After eating a gentle breakfast, she was exhausted.  She was so pitiful that when Drew and I were working on his "schoolwork" she fell asleep on the floor next to us.
That is so not like our full-of-energy Emma
Then, Daddy started.  He's got the bug.
Drew and I went to the grocery to stock the house with the sickie essentials.  You know the ones: soup, ginger-ale, saltine crackers, etc.
I also prepped everything in anticipation of my getting this bug.  Veggies and fruit are chopped and ready to just hand the kids for snacks when I don't feel like preparing something.  Sandwich fixings are on hand so I won't have to cook.  All blankets, sheets, towels, and pajamas are fluffed and ready for use.  I'm as ready as I can be.
Then after the preparations have been made, Drew starts.  He has been so big about the whole thing.  He's such a strong boy.  No whining or whimpering other than at the moment of being sick.  He just asks, "why did I spit like that?"  I told him that he got the germs that we talked about from Emma and they will make him "spit" for a little while.  But he'll be done soon.  He just shrugs his shoulders and says, "I'll be ok.  I feel pretty good right now."  What a guy!
Here is Drew laying in his "designated area" He's set laying on his Lightning McQueen pillow in his Lightning McQueen pajamas, under his Lightning McQueen blanket and eating ice chips out of a Lightning McQueen ziplock bag.

So that takes us to now.  We are relaxing, watching some football.  I'll go to bed (and probably get my first chance to read for a bit) after the game so I can be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.
So if anyone would like to get us some bug spray to keep this bug at bay, we'll gladly accept!

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Lauren Cole said...

Poor babies! I am so sorry it found its way to your house. Ugh.