Monday, October 11, 2010

LSU Tailgating In NC

Wahoo!  LSU continues their undefeated season past Florida!
One things that separates a good LSU tailgate party from any other team's is our food (there's a reason Louisiana / Cajun restaurants pop up all over the country).
One of my best friends and I are LSU alumni.  Funny that it took us moving to the Carolinas to meet.
And we love LSU tailgating parties!
The kids were decked out in their tiger-wear.  

Emma also enjoyed playing some LSU Cornhole

Emma looked like a little cheerleader.  Even after the sun went down and the temperature dropped, she looked like a cheerleader with her little LSU windbreaker on.
Notice my little girl is front and center watching the game at this tailgating party in the Siscoe's backyard.  

It really was cute.  Granted, I'm biased, but she was really adorable.
Drew also looked the part in his LSU jersey.

The food was incredible (of course... it's Louisiana fare which everyone knows is some of the best)

My contribution was the muffulettas.  Now if you've never had a muffuletta and you like those strong flavored deli sandwiches, you MUST make these!
(from bottom to top)
Provolone Cheese
Olive Mix *
On a Kiser roll topped with melted butter and Garlic powder
heated in a 350 degree oven until golden brown

*Olive Mix
jar of kalamata Olives
jar of queen green olives
jar of black olives
jar of mixed pickled vegetables
1 Tbls olive oil
chop olives and vegetables in food processor 
mix in oil and oregano

I cut them into quarters and serve them on my oversized LSU plate.  The plate was empty soon after they were served so I didn't get a picture.... but that's a good problem to have (:


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