Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Drive On The Parkway

My favorite time of year in the Carolinas is fall.  
We headed up to the mountains for a weekend get-away.  It was beautiful!
The first day of our trip was just driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Colin drove his motorcycle and me and the kids lived the cush-cush life in the Jeep.  
It was beautiful!!  We stopped at several overlooks to let the kids stretch their legs, and in some cases to even run up and down hills.
The kids and I at "The Lump Overlook"
Climbing "The Lump" (I'm not making this up.  It really is called "The Lump"  (:
Emma and I after coming down, you guessed it, "The Lump"
Drew being silly at one of the look outs.

We took a walk down the hill to stretch our legs
Drew was telling Daddy how much he likes his motorcycle.
Next time we plan a mountain trip, I think what we'll do is plan to get on the parkway at the NC state line and drive to Blowing Rock and spend the night there.
See, the problem with this trip was that I love Blowing Rock way too much.  We stopped to visit our favorite little spot to eat, and we ended up staying too long.  This made for a long drive to Asheville, our final destination.
But alas, we made it.  We cozied up for the night for some sleep.... or so we thought.  
Ok, another lesson learned.  We've always had suites when traveling with the kids before so the kids could have their own little space to sleep.  
Well, brilliant me thought, "we'll just all stay in the same room this time, It'll be fine." ... famous last words, right.
Well, after a night of silly kids that didn't know how to handle being in the room with us, we finally got some sleep... at about 2am!!!!!!!!  Or at least that's when I woke up and realized that Emma was sound asleep in my arms in our bed!
For the first time ever in their lives, the kids slept in our bed.

The next morning came way too soon, but we were excited to get our day started and explore The Biltmore Estate.


Anneke said...

One or both of my girls land up in our bed almost every night... I can't say that I don't like it though. I love wrapping my arms and snuggling with them... being away from them all day helps me justify it :) You guys look so cute and cozy.

Mary Beth said...

I have to say... I loved it! It was so sweet to cuddle them! That is after they finally stopped "partying" and squirming around. (: Apparently they need to be alone to sleep.