Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fight Like A Tiger With Mike

Karen got some time with Mike today.  They arranged to meet since she was his big supporter in the Capital One Mascot Bowl (Geaux Vote For Mike!!!!)
And you know about The Little Shirt That Could.
So she's combined the two for the most fantastic merging EVER!!!!!!!
I know to you non- LSU people this seems cool, but really, so what?

It's so everything, I actually teared up when I saw the picture!!!!!

The FIGHT LIKE A TIGER t-shirt made it onto Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geaux Karen!  You've pulled it all off!  I'm so in awe!
She hired a photographer for the even, so I'll have better pictures later, but for now here it is:
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Mary Beth said...

I just can't stop staring at my mom's initials on Mike's chest and thinking about the smile that must be on Dad's face. They are so proud of Karen and all she accomplished right now!