Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chad And The County Fair

It's been a while, but last month our family took a trip to the county fair with the Cole's.  This family can't pass up a good ol' county fair!

There's something about corn dogs and funnel cakes with lemonade under blinking lights that I just can't pass up.  Find me some pig races and I'm in "hog heaven." (for the record, there were no hog races... but it would have been so cool if there were)
I don't know why, but I love the county fair.  It just makes me smile.  And to share the whole people watching, junk food extravaganza with our friends, the Coles, was icing on the cake.

We had a great time.

Now you know me, there's always a little story in there somewhere, so here it is.....

While we were at the fair, our friend Chad called Colin.  He made a little joke about Colin winning a goldfish for him.  Well what did Colin go off and do but....
And now we have our little goldfish, Chad, named after our friend who put this little idea in my husband's head.  Thanks Chad!
Now somehow, I have fallen in love with this little fishy of ours (probably because I'm the one who is now taking care of him.  Drew is learning though.  By the way, do you know how high maintenance gold fish are.  Apparently they are very pollutive little things.)  
Chad went through a little bit of a rough time right after we got him home.  His fins turned black and he was a little under-the-weather.  After a little bit of research I found out it was from ammonia poisoning and we fixed him right up.  The fair is certainly not the best place to get a fish if you are looking for healthy ones.  After my little bit of research, I have found out just how bad it is to keep so many goldfish in such a small place.  
But I like to think that it just made Chad stronger.  Our tough little guy (or girl... who knows) now has "a story to tell."  Chad pulled through it all and now is living the plush life in a tank with a castle and some plastic plants that sits in Drew's room.  

As for the fair, I spent a good part of my week there.  Along with visiting for fun, I also volunteered at the GOP booth to support our candidates in our very important upcoming election.  It was interesting to "talk turkey" with some good folks and to receive and share fresh perspectives about some of our current issues.
All in all, the fair was so fun and fantastic.  Here's another picture that sums it all up.  Me and Drew in a monster truck.  Love!

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Lauren Cole said...

I know who to go to whenever we decide to get a fish! We had a blast with y'all too :)