Monday, October 11, 2010

Emby Taylor

So I've been piddling around on another blog I've created.  I found that I wanted to write more about things that I loved and that inspired me.  I want to share ideas and photography that doesn't necessarily have much to do with the kids sometimes.
But I don't want to stop making my books for the kids.  So my goal is to maintain both blogs.
I will be posting some stuff to both (like the tailgating post).  If I feel like there is something I'd like to share that I've created (recipes, decorating ideas, shopping finds, etc) I'll post it to the other blog.  And if it's something that involves the kids and family I'll post it to this one (so you can see where they will overlap sometimes)
Please stop by Emby Taylor, my other blog, and take a look around.  You know I love comments and I want to invite everyone to "follow" the new blog.
Thanks y'all for all of your support and making me feel so loved in my new venture!

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