Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Drew Is Preparing For Santa

Drew is really helping to prepare for Santa.  Tonight, before we went to a Christmas Eve Party, we made our reindeer food and sprinkled it on the lawn.  We made it extra sprarkly to make sure that they see our house.  Then, after we got back from our party, we all jumped into our Christmas jammies and took one last look at the bare tree, because we just know, that when we wake up in the morning it will be stock full of presents from the man in the big red suit.
Merry Christmas Everyone.  We'll be keeping all of you in touch through our pictures and our phone calls.  

Drew making the reindeer food (with a bit of assistance from mommy)

It's ready to be taken outside for the reindeer

Drew did a great job sprinkling the food on the lawn

My two handsome men taking a pose in front of the tree before we leave for the party

A picture of a very pregnant mama on Christmas Eve

Daddy and Drew taking one last look at the tree before bedtime

There is nothing sweeter than this picture of Drew marveling at the tree on Christmas Eve

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