Saturday, December 20, 2008

Update on the Kitchen

Hey everybody, we just thought we'd give you an update on all of the craziness that is ensuing at our house. I couldn't imagine....never mind...I'm not going to say it, I'm not sure if knocking on wood stands up to the typing "sprees" and "fairies."
Anyways, here are pictures of how far along the kitchen is coming. On top of that, of course, is me being pretty much 9 months preggers, playing with Drew (and chasing him around) Drew and I both being sick, keeping all of the traditions that I love about Christmas, making sure that all gifts were perfectly wrapped with the perfect bows and shipped out to those who are far away, oh yeah, and still building a nursery. (more on all of these later).
The kitchen is going very well though. It's not going to be finished for Christmas, but we'll be ok. Thank goodness we have such a great "support team" around us. Our friends and family have been so wonderful to us and so helpful. Thank you to you all.
Anyways, with no further ado..... our kitchen update (so far that is)......
Drum roll please.......

Ta Da! That is the difference that Rick made in one day! I can't believe how quickly he can do this and how high the quality is of his work. He's coming back tomorrow to finish up the cabinets....then we'll be ready for the granite people, the appliance people, the gas guy, and the plumber..... whew.

This is what it looked like the night before Rick got here!

Another angle of the night before. Crazy!

We had so much fun shopping for our granite as a whole family. We got to go to the warehouse and pick out the actual piece of stone that will go in our kitchen. (please excuse the fact that it was a no-makeup kind of day)

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