Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa Clause (or should I say "Hanta" Clause) Is Coming To Town

I absolutely love Christmas! I also love the ceremonies that go along with Christmas. I love all of the ornament exchanges, wrapping gifts oh so perfectly so that they all coordinate under the tree, I love making reindeer food for my family and all of the young families that I know, and of course I love all of the baking. This year I was not able to do all of the baking because of the kitchen remodel, but other than that, we had a great time exhuasting ourselves over the rest of it. Here are a few pictures of us enjoying the Christmas spirit with Drew.
Drew in his Santa hat. When we ask him "Whose the man in the big red suit," his response is "Hanta!"

Drew unwrapping a gift just a little bit early. He loves giving his "monkey hugs"

"Hanta" Clause is coming to town!

I love interesting ornaments. It's ornaments like these that make our tree ours...that make it special to us.

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