Monday, December 22, 2008

Promoting the Family

Usually mailing out mass productions of photos would be a very "ticky tacky" (as my mother would say) thing to do in the south.  Outside of the birth of a new baby, Christmas is the only time you can get away with this.  Otherwise this is type of production is reserved for attorneys and realtors.  Now of course I must explain that in this technology rich era that we are in the midst of, this does not include mass emails of pictures, which grandparents, family, and friends always enjoy.... well, almost always.
These are some of the pictures that we took for our Christmas cards this year.  We had a great time putting them together... aka, we fussed and flustered over the whole ordeal.  Anyways, these are some of the cute moments that we captured.

This is my favorite card holder from Southern Living At Home no doubt! I've kind of covered it up because I can't stop myself from decorating!

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