Sunday, December 7, 2008

Giving Thanks (for getting away from the snow)

Colin's parents were able to come down for Thanksgiving again this year to escape the "great snow of Barrie."  We had a great time just being with family.  We also got to spend some time with my family as well.  We went to Aunt Debbie's for Thanksgiving day and had a wonderful time surrounded by all of our family.  I really love it when both families get together.  It was a lovely week, the weather was fine and Drew was on his best behavior for Nana and Popa.
Popa and Drew took some time to read a story together

Daddy and Drew are relaxing together in our bed. Drew thinks it's pretty swell to be in a big bed.

The Westgarth-Taylor clan

Popa and Drew sharing a pillow

Our little boy enjoying the fall leaves

Nana and Drew enjoying the beautiful weather outside and "mowing the lawn"

Drew's favorite spot to hang out when Mama's not in the room....

uh oh, here she comes...better get down!

Drew driving his race car... he loves his Radio Flyer

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