Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And On These Farms They Had Some.....

...apples, pears, horses, barn cats, and roosters.

We took off on the 4 wheelers to explore the charm of all of the neighboring farms.  Brandon took Emma and I while Daddy took Drew.
Emma was ready to go!

Michael, Melinda, and Sadie rode together as they took us out.

First we went to pick some pears.
Melinda, Brandon, and Michael checking out the wasp situation.

We ended up staying back because of a wasp issue so I snapped a picture while we waited for the boys.

Then we turned it around and stopped by the barn to see the horses.

Drew really wanted to see a barn cat, but unfortunately they were not there.
This is a picture of the barn cats that Mary took earlier that morning

We did get to pet and feed the horses and look at the rooster though.
Sadie and her daddy petting the horse

Drew trying to feed the horse some hay.

Then it was off to the apple tree and creek.

 Drew and Sadie loved throwing the rotten apples into the creek.

Emma enjoyed trying but I wouldn't let her get too close to the creek and she kept tripping and slipping on the rotton apples on the ground so there wasn't a whole lot of reward for her there.
Sadie and Melinda

Mary and Sadie
(both of the above pictures were taken before we got there, but I had to share them because they are so cute!)
This is one that Brandon took of Mary at the Christmas Tree farm

It was a beautiful day and I can't even put into words how charming and beautiful it all was, and as pretty as the pictures are, they do nothing for what it really was.

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