Monday, September 13, 2010


We had a great time tailgating before the game.  Shay and Christin went down to Atlanta the day before we did and they got a great spot for tailgating.  We met up with them after dumping our stuff off a the hotel.
The music was loud and the food was good.  Perfect LSU tailgating.
I met up with my sister and her family.  We had been on the phone and texting back and forth saying that we were going to meet up.  Little did we know that we were going to end up within 100 feet of each other.   Once I told here where we were, she told me where she was, and I saw it immediately.  Now if you've ever been to the Georgia Dome, you know how big it can be, so it was amazing that we were so close.
It was good to visit with her, Larry and the kids.
We were right next to these stands of LSU fans.  They were quite entertaining.

 I couldn't exactly tell Karen to look for the LSU tent because they were set everywhere.  Ours was one of a million it seemed!


Andrea said...

Definitely more LSU fans tailgating! My kids had so much fun at the fan zone!

Mary Beth said...

We went to the fan zone a few years ago ago at the SEC championship game against Georgia.
We had so much fun and we didn't even have kids at the time.
I bet they had a blast there!