Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Geaux Vote For Mike!!!!!

These are the words from my sister about being the Capital One Blogger for LSU:

I'm so excited!!!!!  I won a contest (well, it's more like a contest within a contest)!!!!  I've never won anything in my life.....especially something so cool!!  I was chosen out of THOUSANDS of applicants (OK....I'll be honest.  I'm pretty sure I was one of maybe two applicants, but who cares, I won nonetheless!!! ;-) to represent Mike the Tiger as he competes for the Capital One Bowl Mascot Challenge.  Each week for 12 weeks, mascots from 16 universities face off  against each other to see who is king of the mascot jungle.  My job in all of this is to help get the word out  (through facebook, twitter, and blogs) for all the fans to vote for my mascot.   There is NO DOUBT in my mind that Mike is by far THE BEST mascot out of any university....not to mention the 16 selected.  Anyway, at the Capital One Bowl on January 1, 2011, the winner will be announced.  If Mike the Tiger wins, I will win a trip to Orlandeaux and the Capital One Bowl (never mind that I live here....I'd llike to think that the voting committee didn't take that into account when they chose me ;-) to cover the event!!!

How does Mike the Tiger win??  We vote.  Please go to and vote for Mike.  You can vote as often as you like....the more often, the better!!!!!  He's losing pretty badly right now, but if we get together, tell all our friends, and VOTE,  I am confident we can put him back on top.....where he belongs.  Seriously, what other school has a better mascot???  NOBODY!!!

How did I win this little contest within a contest, you ask??  I wrote the following "essay".  I'm not claiming that its Pulitzer Prize worthy, but obviously someone liked it, because I was chosen!!  (As I said before....I'm betting there weren't too many other entries):

The top 11 reasons I should be chosen to rally support for Mike the Tiger in the Capital One Mascot Challenge (I could have gone with 10 reasons, but that's been done before...Letterman, God, etc.):

11)  I meet the minimum requirements - I'm a girl, I like college football, I can form complete sentences.

10)  I exceed the minimum requirements - I am a very funny, smart (and somewhat cute) girl;  I live for college football (especially LSU);  I consider my ability to create witty facebook statuses an artform.

9)  I was a student at LSU from 1992 until my graduation in 1998.  Yes, it took me 6 years to get that degree.  In my defense, I had access to awesome football tickets as a student...why would I rush to get out???

8)  I think Mike the Tiger is hands down THE BEST mascot in all of college sports.

7)  I have already started campaigning for Mike!  In fact, all but 2 of the votes he has received thus far can be traced back to me in 6 degrees or less....I am the 'Kevin Bacon' of the mascot challenge.

6)  I have gotten complements, both on facebook and in person, about how witty some of my facebook statuses are.  You won't see humdrum requests for votes from me.

5)  I have never played football, but my years participating in team athletics gave me a very good understanding of sports.  Except NASCAR.  I still don't understand why so many people gather to watch cars go around in a circle all afternoon.  But, who am I to judge?

4)  When all the other mommies had their children costumed as princesses and pirates for Halloween the week before Nick Saban's first trip back to Tiger Stadium as Alabama's head coach, my 2 young children dressed as Mike the Tiger and Big Al, the Alabama mascot who wishes he could cheer for LSU.  My 3 year old daughter dressed as an elephant with a t-shirt that read, "I'd rather be for LSU" on the front, and "I want to be like Mike" on the back (see photo below).
3)  I have a proven track record for getting people to take action based on my facebook statuses.  Last fall, I raised a whole lot of money for Leukemia research by being vocal on facebook about my fundraising efforts and running a marathon.  If I can talk people into parting with their money in this economy, just think what I could do if all they have to do is visit a website and click a button.

2)  I lived in Baton Rouge for 18 years.  In March, a great job opportunity took me to Orlando, Florida.  While I was an avid LSU fan while residing in BR, my enthusiasm has only intensified since moving....absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.  I work with a few Florida Gators (shout out, Susan and Sheila!!), and defend Mike and LSU just about every day.  My office is plastered with LSU memorabilia, and I make no apologies for that....even in enemy territory.

1)  Did you catch that I live in Orlando?  WHEN Mike wins (largely due to my campaigning), you're off the hook for airfare during the expensive holiday travel season.  Instead, extra tickets to the game will suffice ;-)

So.....that's it!!  Now geaux to and VOTE FOR MIKE!!!!!!!!!!

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THis is awesome! (And I am jealous!)