Monday, September 13, 2010

It's All Greek To Me

Friday night, Colin stayed home with the kids while I went out with good friends to the Yaisou Greek Festival.
Mary, Mama Horton, Crystal and I "got our eat on" in Charlotte.  We completely stuffed ourselves with souvlaki, gyro's, tiropita, spanakopita, and baklava sundaes!!!
It was a good thing we parked far away, because there was no way I could have sat down in the car without unbuttoning my jeans right after eating all of that!  haha
The only picture we got was a perfect one!!!!
Mama Horton with a Greek warrior (who owns a gym... haha)
After getting home, I could tell the kids had a great night with Daddy.  The living room was a wreck, but it was full of evidence of a great time.
There was a little carpet picnic set up (or what was left of it) and puzzle pieces everywhere.  The computer still had "Super Why" games on it and everyone was all tuckered out (including Daddy).

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Anneke said...

ahhhhhhh. Love to hear about you guys having good times. xoxox