Thursday, September 16, 2010

PFC James Fleet McClamrock

Cabarrus County Soldier, James McClamrock, was killed in Iraq on September 7 when a man wearing an Iraqi military uniform opened fire on American soldiers who had considered him an ally.
Today our family stopped everything to support this soldier's family.
All of the overpasses on the procession route were draped in red white and blue and officers of all type were saluting.  The streets were lined with American flags and somber Americans.

Homes along the procession route flew their flags in show of their support

I cannot imagine the sacrifice this family has had to face.
James McClamrock's father is the pastor of Concord Associate Reform Presbyterian Church.  As the family passed by in the church bus, I saw PFC McClamrock's father.  He was giving everyone a thumbs-up.

We were just down from a group of people where we were on the street.  When he passed us he pressed his hand against the glass.  At first I thought he was waving.  Then it occurred to me that he may have had an emotional moment when he saw Drew waving two American flags.  His own son was only 22.  It probably seems like yesterday that his own boy looked like Drew.  I began to bawl.
I am so grateful for my freedom and I know it comes at a very high price.  I wish it didn't have to be this way.
It amazes me to hear this family speak about James.  They are all on the same page about how joining the army was the right thing for James to do.  They know that his death has a purpose bigger than all of us. They are blessed and their faith is strong.  To be able to see this through such a time amazes me.
Again, I can't possibly express how grateful I am.
Please read more about PFC James Fleet McClamrock HERE and HERE


Andrea said...

What a wonderful lesson for your son and an honor to the family.

Jane said...

Greetings from AZ!

Thanks for saving Andrea's wallet :)

Mary Beth said...

Hey Jane, it was actually just a camera case, but she was smart and put a card in it with her blog address.
But we were happy to do it. (:
BTW, I LOVED the picture of the non-bathroom of the year. I laughed so hard when I saw that!

Paula said...

What a wonderful tribute to a fallen soldier. Hoping for peace and calm to his family & friends.

I'm a friend of Andrea's....thanks for helping out your fellow fan! Go Wildcats! sorry, couldn't resist ;-)