Monday, September 20, 2010

Melinda's Aunt Dinah's

This weekend Melinda invited us to spend the weekend at her Aunt Dinah's with her family, the McLaren's, and Daniel.
The Siscoe's and the McLaren's / Horton's went out Friday after work, but we had a soccer game Saturday morning, so we had to meet them up there Saturday afternoon.
Melinda gave us perfect directions, so we were able to really enjoy our drive through the mountains to Aunt Dinah's house.
When we pulled up our jaws dropped.  It was so beautiful inside and out!!!!!!!  It looked like the homes that I see featured in Southern Living.

We got the kids out of the car, got unpacked and were ready for the fun!
First we ate some lunch.  Michael and Melinda made some awesome chili that we really enjoyed!!!  Then we ran around a bit throwing the football and a few bad apples and blowing dandelions
Emma showing Daniel the kitty after we ate our lunch on the porch.

Brandon's throwing the ball while the kids stretch their legs running around in the front yard.

Drew and Sadie looking for holes in the apple and permission to throw it

Mary took this neat picture when Drew was ready to throw the apple 

Drew and Sadie sit for a second to blow dandelions

After unpacking and having a bit of play time, it was time to get on the 4 wheelers and go enjoy the nearby farms.
Drew can't wait to get on a four wheeler.

So we were ready to go see everything and everyone was ready to show us.
Obviously Daniel had been having fun on the 4 wheelers.  I can't put into words how awesome it was to see him coming up that hill on that 4 wheeler!  Daniel, you rock!

Uncle Mike took Drew for a ride.  Drew's face in this picture pretty much sums how he felt about the "rollies"

"Alright, I'd like to go on a ride of my own after I finish this apple"

Michael showed us a thing or two before we went out

The daddies taking the little ones out

A close-up of Drew and Daddy after their ride

"The Tot Rollie"

Big brother is taking his little sis' out for a pretend ride..... "Vroom Vroom"

Sadie's in the driver's seat now!

Alright, now it's time to venture off the property to visit some of the neighbors.


Anneke said...

Colin must be in his element! Too cute!

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