Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fellow LSU Fans

After the game, we had to split up.  All of our tailgating gear couldn't fit into the car with all of us.  I mean, this is what we looked like on the 4 block drive from the hotel to the Georgia Dome when all of our stuff had already down at the tailgating site
The funny thing is that you can't even see four more people that are in the car!!!

So the Siscoe's took the car while Crystal, Darian, Colin and I volunteered to walk it.  Well, who knew that would be such an adventure!
We walked back to our tailgating site, spotted our hotel in the skyline, and headed in that general direction.
It wasn't long before we found ourselves (along with many others... safety in numbers, right!?!) stopped by a wrought iron fence right at the train tracks.  There was a hole in the fence that we could squeeze through though.
While I thought, "oh, how Stand By Me is this cute adventure," Crystal was soooo not impressed.  Later, I found out it was because while I was watching Stand By Me, she has was watching forensic/detective shows and this was "the scene" where someone always comes across a body!  YIKES!
Now that I think of it, that's the story with Stand By Me too!!!

Well, we made it through without having to call any detectives.  No bodies found and we were on our way.

Now here's the really funny part.  The photo that I just showed is not mine.  It is from another blog: "Who Has More Fun"  What I did not realize at the time was that Colin picked up a camera case on the train tracks that had an information card in it with a blog address.
We got in touch with Andrea and told her that we would mail her the camera case.
How neat.  Go on over for a visit and say hey to our fellow Tiger Fan!!!!!
After getting back to the road after going through "the hole" and then after Darian getting silly stomping on a beer can (we are not going to go there though), we made it past the CNN building and back at our hotel.
Things were good again once I saw this beautiful view from our room.


Anonymous said...

How neat is this!!! Colin found Andrea's camera case and you and she posted it in your blogs!! You are good people for finding and sending it back!!

Dawn Olive said...

Andrea is one of my dearest friends and the reason I started a blog. Andrea's son in the photo is also my daughter's dearest friend and I think he is converting her to an LSU fan (we are UGA fans). Thanks so much for sending her case back to her. BTW, I love your blog.