Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dragon Con

So while we were in Atlanta, we started to realize things weren't normal.
Our first indication was when we were trying to find the Varsity.  Darian was busy looking at street signs and watching traffic and Crystal and I were looking at GPS to figure things out, when Colin comments, "let's just ask the storm trooper."  We all look up in question to see a storm trooper walking on the sidewalk.  I mean a full on storm trooper, white suite, helmet and all.

Then we just kept on seeing more and more costumes.  At first we thought it must be a Star Wars convention, but then started seeing all kinds of costumes.

We couldn't figure it out!  There was no unifying theme that we were seeing.  It was just dress up.
Crystal finally asked concierges at the hotel.  They said the convention was "Dragon Con"  which is apparently a little bit of everything, which is why we couldn't pick out the theme.
We saw The Incredible Hulk with his gamma keg, Gene Simmons, and anything and everything else.
It made for an interesting weekend.

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