Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Drew's First Haircut

Drew was getting a bit shaggy. We had been putting off his first haircut for too long because Mama had a specific shoppe in mind in Burkdale Village that we just HAD to go to for this oh so important milestone. Well, it serves me right, we ran out of time and little miss Emma Jane decided that was not going to happen because she was coming. Well, it all worked out to be perfect (as things usually do), because Colin got to take Drew for his first haircut. There's something very sweet about a daddy taking his boy to his barber to get the first haircut (well, I don't know if I would classify the girl that cuts Colin's hair as a "barber," but you get the idea). Colin goes to a sports place to get his hair cut and so this is probably more what Drew would want anyways as opposed to the cutesie little shoppe that Mama had picked out.
Well, they had this done while Emma and me were still in the hospital. My first reaction when they walked in the room was "Oh my gosh, I have a 7 year old all of the sudden!" Anyone who has children and has experienced this "first haircut" knows exactly what I am talking about. He looked adorable, but he went from my baby boy to my little guy all in one afternoon. I was a lot to handle considering all of the changes we were going through at the time. I am now used to it and he is soooo cute I just have to squeeze him every time I see him. I'm sure he loves that!
So here he is....
Drewbers before his haircut... one last, shaggy stand

Drew sat in Daddy's lap the whole time. He was such a good boy.

Ta Da! My new little boy... He looks so old.

This is now Drew and Daddy's "Hair Lady"

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