Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rainy Day Fun

Today was a cold and wet one so Drew and I had to find something indoors to do. Emma was happy in her little papoose chair with her dangly toys rigged to it, so Drew and I made the best of our day indoors. I was trying to think about what would make a little boy excited to be indoors and figured "What little boy doesn't love a fort." So we got out his foam letter blocks and built a fort. We even added a front porch. Drew was not really interested in making flowers and putting them in pots to make the front porch more inviting (hmm.... men) so we forewent that detail.
Drew had a great time in it. He pulled all of his toys in it and we would play peek-a-boo through the "letter windows." So our rainy day ended up being a great time anyways. Who needs the outdoors!?! Well, actually, we do.... we love to go out and play, but we're just fine here indoors having our rainy day fun!

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