Friday, January 23, 2009

Hot Wheels

Well, Drew has his new favorite toy, his Hot Wheels set.  He just loves to watch those cars go all around that loop and track.  He only has the starter set, but that's plenty for him.  His daddy was sooooo patient in teaching him how to put the cars in so that they would go around the loop and so that he could put more than one in at a time.  He's so good at it now.  He can get 2 or 3 cars going at one time.  The only thing is it's sooooo loud, and now, even if he's not playing with it and he's taken some of his cars to another place to play with them, he wants his track running with one car in it.  It's not very conducive to a quiet, peaceful home.  Emma is not phased by it though.  She is going to be such a sturdy child.... having to deal with all of Drew's "Drewisms" from the get-go.  Here are a couple of pictures of Drew enjoying his new toy.... it's like Christmas all over again!
Drew putting his car in the track
Loop the loop!!!
Wait....  I want more cars
Drewbers putting on the breaks!!

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