Sunday, January 25, 2009

Goldfish and Bananas

So, it seems that there is nothing as reliable as good ole' Goldfish and Bananas.... or at least not at our house.  These two food groups have remained our tried and true blue through a whirlwind of what I like to call the "food  moods."
 One of the "Drewisms" of our household is The Rule of 6.  At any given moment, Drew has about 6 items that he will eat.  When one is added to the repertoire, then another gets the axe.  For instance, months ago, he loved mashed potatoes. Now, however, he's moved on to broccoli and cheese rice instead.... he won't even look in the general direction of the potatoes anymore.  
We've had to redefine the word "Flexitarian" to describe our meals.  We do not use it in this house the way it is described on Wikipedia... no, no vegetarians here... not even close. But we love the word so.  So we decided to redefine it.  It's perfect.  Flexitarians are people like us who have to fix one staple meal and then design side items to accommodate different people.  It's very flexible I think, and quite agreeable.  Drew gets some form of all of the nutrients that he needs (which is very important to me... and it's important to do it in a healthy way that promotes a lifetime healthiness), and we still get to eat "adult" food rather than slip into the weight trap of "child friendly foods."
Ah.... what will our little man eat today?  Will it be spaghetti or has that been snubbed yet?  Will he have his morning eggs and cheese, or does he want pancakes?  What's the  Food Mood today?  We'll never know until we sit him down at the table.  
We have all of the traditional rituals.  Either Colin or I cook and the other one sets the table and fixes the drinks.  Then we get Drew seated and served and sit down and say the blessing.  Then, it's time..... will he or won't he eat what he's been served?  This morning it is bananas and pancakes....  he looks, I hold my breath.  He pokes, I gasp.  AND HE EATS!!!  Ah yes, I love you oh fruit of miracles.... he always eats the banana!  So we are all a bit more relaxed knowing that at least that constant remains.  Then it comes time for the pancakes.  Oh, look, he pokes.  "What does that mean?" Colin asks.  I'm not really sure how to reply.  AWWWWW.  And they are snubbed.  The new food moving in is apparently Colin's homemade French Toast.  I can't say that I blame him though.  After watching Daddy flip them in the pan the theatrical way that he likes to do this, I would want the "fun food" too.
So for now we are up to French Toast, spaghetti, mac-n-cheese, carrots, and of course my beloved, Goldfish and Bananas.

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