Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Emma's Coming Home Party

Emma's coming home party was such a great time. Because my sister was here and able to help (ie. do ALL the work.... thanks Karen) we had a bit of a Louisiana flair to this soiree'. We invited our closest friends (see "It Takes a Village") to join us in welcoming home our sweet baby girl. But no worries everyone, we kept it small and everyone was super healthy (except Drew who has a runny nose, but since he lives here we had to include him on the guest list...j/k .. haha). Emma Jane Westgarth-Taylor was absolutely beautiful that night. We celebrated by watching the NCAA national championship game and eating and enjoying Louisiana fare. Welcome home baby girl.

Here are the "village people" once again

This is what was left of the spread that my sister put on for us

Don't Mary and Brandon look awfully comfortable with a baby

Drew and Sadie had a great time playing together

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