Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Lesson Learned About Bath Time

Well, we now have two children, so the rules are changing. There are some things that I need to think about ahead of time. One of them is bath time.
Drew's nightly routine is very much set in stone. We eat, have a bath, read (sometimes.... sometimes just straight to bed), and then off to sleep.
Well, last night we went through the routine and then I was off to give Emma a bath. Well, she screamed during this one. She's still not completely comfortable with it (I'm not familiar with this problem because Drew took to the water immediately). Anyways, then we heard Drew start screaming. It was a terrified scream. I have never felt so badly. He was so scared that his little baby sister was screaming. It really scared him. So we had to take him out of bed and show him that Baby Sister Emma was okay. After seeing her, he was fine again, but he couldn't go back to bed until she was dried off and ready for bed herself.
From now on, Emma's bath comes before Drew's (until I can put them in together).

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