Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Day

January 20th was an interesting and memorable day for a lot of reasons.  First and foremost, it was Drew's first snow day.  We had so much fun out with him.  We woke up to the white covered trees (ok...more like white dusted) and ate our breakfast very quickly so that we could go out and enjoy the morning.  We knew the snow wouldn't last for long.
When we got outside, everyone was out with us.  Oh, there's nothing like a good snow day.  All of the kids in the neighborhood were enjoying their snow sleds and snow balls and Drew just took it all in at first.  He really enjoyed watching, but at the beginning, he stayed back a bit.  Then, Matthew, a very sweet middle schooler, let Drew ride on his sled.  It was so funny.  First off, there wasn't enough snow to really do anything, but there was plenty of ice to go flying down the road, so that is exactly what Drew did.  He had so much fun...Popa would push him and Nana would catch him down the hill.  He loved it.  After a while it was time to head up to the yard where there was a bit more of a collection of the white stuff.  Then back inside for lunch and a good ole' nap.

"That looks like fun"

Here we go!!!!


"Let's do it again!"

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